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Christmas Jewellery Ideas For The Festive Season

It's that time of year again! The sun starts to come out, decorated trees begin popping up in shopping malls and twinkling house lights brighten up dark streets. Christmas time is an exciting time to spend with family and friends, so you want to make sure that you’re looking your best! 

The festival season calls for a specific style of jewellery that celebrates the Christmas aesthetic of white, red and green. Do not worry, you don’t need to go full-out in order to add some fun festive-inspired jewellery pieces. 

We’re going to give you a run down of some jewellery ideas to try this silly season that are sure to take your look to the next level. Get ready to be inundated with compliments on this chrissy lunch!

Christmas Jewellery Ideas:


Pearl Necklaces

Inspired by the not-so-australian trope of a white Christmas, a pearl necklace is an elegant way to pay homage to the traditional snowy christmas that we see in the movies and in songs. Not only this, but a pearl necklace is a product that you can wear all year around. Pearls are a unique gemstone because they are the only stone known to man that is created by a live animal! They have a beautiful lustre with hues of white, pink and blue reflections that you can’t get anywhere else. Give your look a traditional edge and aura of sophistication with a pearl necklace, an investment that will never be outdated. 

Get The Look:

For an understated and affordable introduction to a pearl necklace, then why not try this beautiful sterling silver and pearl necklace. You can easily layer it with other necklaces and chains and will be the finishing touch to your Christmas dress. The pearls are broken up by a sterling silver chain, giving the traditional look a more contemporary twist, however, it is a great choice for those who haven’t worn pearls before.

Ruby Jewellery 

Nothing says Christmas quite like bright hues of red. From Santa’s outfit to rudolf’s nose, red is an unmistakable festive colour that is really a no-brainer. The colour red has been associated with Christmas sense the Celtics. They traditionally hung holly during the festive season, and since then, the colour palette of red and green has stuck around!

The ruby gemstone provides a vivid red tone that you can’t find anywhere else. A stunning precious stone that comes in a huge variety of styles and products, you are sure to find something to finish off your christmas look. From ruby earrings to ruby pendants and ruby rings, either choose one statement piece, or get the whole collection.

Get The Look:

These drop earrings are a perfect special occasion piece. They feature the wonderful tones of an oval ruby stone set beautifully against the warm hues of yellow gold. The swirling design is similar to that of a candy cane with the two-toned metals. Embellished with the sparkle of glittering stones, these earrings are sure to impress at your next party.

Disney Couture

There’s something about Christmas time that calls for the homey nostalgia of Disney movies and memorabilia. At Shiels, we have a huge range of adorable Disney merchandise with a Christmas theme that is unmatched. Adorn some of your favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie, complete with holiday charm like santa hats, tinsel and more! And don’t worry, our Disney couture is made of high quality materials like stainless steel and colourful enamel, crafted by authentic and official merchandise brands.

There is a massive range of products in this range from Disney necklaces, and Disney bracelets to Disney earrings and even Disney watches! Nothing brings the festival feels quite like the nostalgia of Disney merch. 

Get The Look:

For a subtle, yet cute christmas accessory, look no further than this Disney necklace. Bring some fun to your look with this Mickey Mouse necklace, complete with the Disney icon rocking his very own Santa hat. The necklace is crafted in 14ct white gold with red enamel and red crystals that reflect beautifully in the light. The great thing about this necklace is that it is quite understated, which means that you can layer it with some of your favourite pieces.


Christmas Themed Studs

Nothing ties together an outfit quite like the perfect pair of studs. They are a subtle addition that has big effects! Studs are a timeless jewellery accessory that will never go out of style, and luckily for you, this season unique and fun earrings are all the rage. Whether you want maximum sparkle with some glittering cubic zirconia, diamonds or even colourful gemstones, or you prefer the splash of opaque colour from enamel, at Shiels we have earrings to suit everyone. You can choose to really embrace the christmas spirit with a festival symbol like santa, reindeers, christmas trees or you can go more simple with a dazzling pair of red earrings, sweet snowflakes or even some mistletoe

Get The Look:

These studs let you rock some of the best sweet Christmas treats, gingerbread men. Crafted in quality sterling silver with a nice tone of brown enamel that contrasts the silver nicely, these earrings are a fun addition to your festival look. You can wear them on their own or pair them with other silver pieces for a curated look.

Charm Bracelets

There’s something about a charm bracelet that just embodies the feeling of Christmas spirit. Whether your bracelet is Christmas themed or not, it is a summery, and meaningful accessory that will elevate your festive look. You can match your charm bracelet to your other jewellery with options in gold bracelets and silver bracelets

If you are looking for a charm bracelet that is unlike anything else, then look no further than a Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet. The Thomas Sabo Charms are truly one of a kind with intricate details, embellished with glittering and colourful stones, these charms are crafted to perfection. There are a huge range of designs to choose from such as animals, numbers and symbols.

Get The Look:

This Thomas Sabo belcher chain is perfect to wear either on its own, or to embellish with various charms! Made from quality TS sterling silver, this bracelet reflects in the light and adds a lovely bling to your look. The perfect addition to your holiday look, they also make great gift ideas for someone special!

Christmas is the season of fun, warm weather, family and great outfits! There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with the perfect festive accessory to really brighten up your look. Whether you are searching for yourself or for a gift for someone special, we here at Shiels have a huge range of jewellery to choose from so you can look your best this season. 

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