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Promise Rings

Promise Rings
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Promise Rings

No feeling in the world is more powerful than love. Perfect for making that first step towards something more serious, a promise ring from Shiels represents a genuine token of love and commitment.

Explore our vast collection of promise rings today, featuring exquisitely cut diamond jewellery, glistening zirconia jewellery and coloured gemstone jewellery to make a lasting impression. Available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold rings, these rings for couples celebrate everything that is beautiful about true love. 

From the gorgeously irresistible golds to the allure of the finest sterling silver jewellery, Shiels has the ring to make a big statement or a subtle flourish. When it comes to men's rings and women's rings, we have you covered. We have the best range of promise rings Australia has to offer! 

For the romantic you, our rings are the perfect way to tell that one special person that you truly love them. Embrace your partnership and start your love story today with a diamond ring in the form of a ring from Shiels.

Just because you're not ready to check out engagement rings doesn't mean you can't browse our bridal jewellery while you're here! If you're looking for cheap promise rings, be sure to check out our sale rings. Don't forget to shop using our finance options. We offer Afterpay, Klarna, Zip, humm, Laybuy, LatitudePay and Latitude Interest Free. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $69! 

For Promise Rings in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, you can't go past Shiels. Shop online or in store now.

What does a promise ring mean?

Much like engagement rings and eternity rings, promise rings are used to symbolise commitment and eternal love. They represent the possibilities for a couple’s love and the promise of a life together. That's where the name comes from! 

They can also be exchanged between de facto couples who may have no interest in getting married one day.

What finger do you wear a promise ring?

Promise rings can be worn on any finger. Popular options include the ring finger, the middle finger on the left hand and even the middle finger or fourth finger on their right hand.

Are promise rings worth it?

Promise rings are certainly worth it if you want to show your partner how much they mean to you. They are a great sign that a romantic relationship is getting serious. 

Can you give a guy a promise ring?

Promise rings can be given to men as a symbol of your devotion to being there when your partner needs you. Men appreciate being noticed and appreciated just as much as women so there is no reason why they cant be given to men.

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